Sustainable Travel and Responsible Tourism in Guatemala

Guatemala is a land of lessons, both positive and negative, in how to go.


Travel in Guatemala is characterized by jaw-dropping beauty, unpredictable hospitality and spontaneous discovery. The multitude of unique cultures and natural landscapes sharing space in this small country are echoed in the environmental challenges and societal conflicts which travelers learn about first-hand.

Because Guatemala and it's people share a history of both beauty and tragedy, Southern Star trips through Guatemala are always designed to ensure we leave a positive impact on the environments and communities we visit.

All partnerships and guided interactions are carefully identified and evaluated in our trip planning and development stages. Traveler experiences are continually monitored and assessed in order to ensure we remain respectful and responsible in our operations at home and abroad.


Travel in Guatemala provides opportunities to experience iconic destinations, and incorporates unique and local dining and lodging throughout. Travelers will spend time in some of western Guatemalan's most picturesque locations - the Antigua Valley and Lake Atitlán - and visit Maya archaeological sites in the tropical northern Peten region (Tikal).

  • Climb active Volcano Pacaya
  • tour an organic coffee finca (farm)
  • interact with organizations active in community development and environmental sustainability work.

Travelers can expect to leave Guatemala with a greater understanding of the effects (positive and negative) tourism can have in developing countries, as well as insight about local organizations and best practices which work to promote international awareness and responsibility.