Director of Business Operations

Sean Bridegam

Born and raised on the lakes and prairies of North Texas, Sean's passion for international travel and exploration was awakened as soon as he packed his bags for University. The comfort and predictability of Sean's hometown were quickly - and willfully - replaced by a calculated series of ambitious and adventurous experiences.

While pursuing a degree from Texas A&M University, Sean got his first taste of travel participating in extended international programs in both the Caribbean and East Asia. After graduation, he set off backpacking through Mexico and Central America for 13 months, and found work managing a small lodge in a rural village adjacent to a national park in Guatemala's verdant central highlands region. Sean spent the next 3 years leading cultural tours and white-water rafting trips in the beautiful Cahabon Valley, before deciding to head west to Guatemala's spectacular Pacific highlands. As a trip leader at a premier outdoor adventure provider - Sean guided groups of mountain bikers, volcano trekkers, and paddlers from one coast of Guatemala to the other for over 4 years. He then shifted his efforts "off-trail" as a manager supporting groups in the field, and strengthening client and partner relationships both in-country and abroad.

Sean's work ultimately led him back stateside in 2013, working for the University of Texas at Austin overseeing international risk and safety policy for faculty, staff and students. He moved out west in 2015 and has continued his work in international travel security for the University of Utah. When not traveling abroad, you can find Sean hiking, biking and skiing through the mountains of the Wasatch Range.

Sean brings his passion for international discovery, adventure and culture to Southern Star Travel as a founder, alongside his skills and expertise in managing small group travel. His priorities are ensuring that Southern Star trips are always healthy and safe for our clients, and environmentally sustainable for the communities we explore.