To live life to its fullest is an adventure every day

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To get the most out of life look at every day as an adventure

How Southern Star Travel Values Adventure

  • Through Applicable Experiential Education
  • Development of Mind and Body
  • A Well Curated Collection of Memories

SST intends to execute once-in-a-lifetime adventures by contagiously living life passionately and intentionally. Through mind and body engagement in a novel environment learning can't be stopped! Through adventure travel you'll find your mind focusing on details, otherwise overlooked,

SST invite you, fellow traveler, to engage, ignite your passion, seek thrills, participate in a slew of different activities in a setting that can never be replicated.

We are excited to share these opportunities by embarking together on thrilling adventure, witnessing breath-taking scenery and taking in every moment as if it were the most exhilarating moment of your life!

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Why go on an adventure and not just on vacation?

Why get out of bed in the morning? The answer to both questions is that there is a world out there to be lived in whether you embrace it or not so it is your responsibility, and our promise to you, to try and live in it as fully as possible.

Adventure isn't just our livelihood it is our ethic and passion. We cannot do travel any other way and neither should you. As humans we are driven to genuine and exciting experience and in seeking and finding such do we grow. Not only do we pledge to share with you our drive for and expertise in adventure travel but we strive to set an example for other travelers and other travel companies.

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Our world is full of complex and difficult to understand realities. Adventure is the means with which to immerse ourselves as deeply as possible into the different physical and cultural landscapes that are out there and achieve greater understanding of the world we live in.

Take a look at your map. In the corner you’ll find a compass rose meant to orientate travelers and help them find their way. Our compass is always drawn to the genuine and the only way to get there is via adventure!

Your adventurous spirit is the reason why we can do what we do. Where can we take you?

What adventure travel with us is NOT

We at SST try to apply the 'Hobbit Rule' in deciding on the adventures we offer - leaving your hobbit hole may be undesirable unless you can be assured of plenty of high quality meals (and snacks), comfortable accommodations and a reasonable assurance that you will get "There and Back Again" unscathed and better for having been!

For example: While we may offer you a mountain-bike-eye-view of your destinations you can rest assured in knowing that the bicycle will be properly maintained, the ride well supported, and your guide trained and equipped to ensure your health and safety.

Southern Star trips bring clients to the very edge of creation unfinished - close enough to the lava flows on active volcanoes that you can dip your hiking stick into them. But, we work tirelessly to ensure our guides are trained to properly manage your journey through these environments.